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[Built-in adjustable grind selector] Equipped with more than 18 manual grind settings, it can ensure that you are 100% accurate and control the thickness of the grind, so as to make a perfect cup of coffee and start a new day.
[Convenient, portable and easy to use] The detachable hand crank mechanism consistently eliminates more than 90% of the noise produced by the electric coffee bean grinder. The coffee grinder can be operated at home or on the go without a battery, power supply or long plastic cord.
[A cup of fresh coffee starts your day] The BATAN manual coffee grinder can dispense the fresh coffee grounds you are about to brew-feel the grinding of the coffee beans when you grind them manually! When you brew everyday coffee in an espresso machine, Philharmonic press, French filter press or pouring coffee machine, you smell their fresh aroma. Grind, brew and enjoy!
[Durable] Made with the same essence as traditional Japanese cookware, our patented ceramic burr has passed three quality inspection tests, and the service life is 5 times longer than similar stainless steel burrs
The BATAN manual burr coffee grinder is made with a patented professional-grade ceramic cone burr, which provides an incredibly consistent grind for a variety of brews. We are full of confidence in this grinder, we provide a manufacturing warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee

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Stainless Steel

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15 reviews for Stainless steel manual coffee grinder

  1. BP

    Build Quality: 5/5

    The exterior components are crafted of heavy weight stainless steel from the bottom up to the hand crank. Each component feels sturdy and long lasting. The grinder breaks down into three pieces: bottom reservoir (part where grinds fall), upper reservoir (part where you place beans), cap (seals off upper reservoir), and the hand crank.

    Grind Quality: 5/5

    Since this grinder utilizes burr technology, the beans will not be heated during the grinding process like they would from a traditional bladed grinder. Additionally, the particle size is uniform as the grinds only fall to the bottom reservoir once they are small enough to fall through the grinding mechanism, ensuring a uniform size on every ground. This is important when brewing to ensure each grind is subjected to the same amount of heat and water during the brew. Inside the grinding mechanism, there is a portion where you turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the ground size. There are no markings to know what size is being produced so experimenting will be necessary. I’d recommend starting large and then going small – that way you can recycle the larger grounds and continue the process until you’ve reached an ideal size.

    Overall: 4.5/5

    The reservoir size is quite small, so if you’re using this for cold brew where a large quantity of grounds are necessary, you may need to repeat the process several times. It holds about 5 rounded tablespoons of coffee beans (about 1/3 cup). Grind time takes about 1-2 minutes to complete if completely full.

    Overall, this grinder has held up so far, produces consistent grounds, and I’m sure will last for many more cups to come.

  2. Nick

    I love this espresso maker! It really does make a stronger brew than just using a coffee pot. I even experimented with dumping a k-cup into the funnel and the brew is definitely stronger than what you get from a keurig too. It actually rescued some of my coffees that were too weak for me because they’re actually decent when made with the stovetop espresso maker! I was trying to find a cheap way to recreate Starbucks and Dutch Bros drinks and this is it! It might not be as nice as a $200 espresso maker but it does what it’s supposed to do. If you ask me, $11ish dollars for this is a steal.

  3. batan Customer

    My first cup was heaven. Very robust and flavorful and I didn’t detect any metal-like taste, just pure heavenly coffee. The pot was easy to use, just FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FROM THE MANUFACTURER.It brewed perfectly and it didn’t leak when pouring into a cup. I actually thought I’d have to spend mucho bucks for homemade espresso. What a great find this is. Thank you giovanele user!

  4. Superwav

    This pot is pretty much spot on. Heavy duty aluminum construction. It does take a few go-rounds to find your ideal procedure but after a couple less-than-perfect shots, I think I’ve found a procedure that works for me. Everyone will be different. I have an electric range and that’s not ideal but I found a way to get things boiling quicker (fill with hot water and move it around the burner to the hottest spot). Just don’t let the handle overhang the burner.

  5. jetlagged

    I feel I must start by correcting some misperceptions on the part of some other reviewers.. Firstly, it makes the exact amount of espresso sized cups as stated. Secondly, it is aluminum, as stated. It makes wonderful espresso. I’m glad I went with this one instead of the more expensive Bialetti. It’s well made, makes a great coffee and I expect it to last a long time. ❤❤â?,报告滥用情况,https://www.giovanele user.comproduct-reviewsB001J1L59Erefcm_cr_getr_d_vote_lftieUTF8filterByStarfive_starreviewerTypeavp_only_reviewspageSize10csrfTgqcJX9bkBxH8O3uRJSPLoWbjaj2BDUe2BzdifHTDkAAAABAAAAAGG0bepyYXcAAAAA2B4kUEk2F7iMGR3xPcX6iUreviewIdR3FLFYH1CIMBEH&openid.identity=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0identifier_select&openid.claimed_id=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0identifier_select&openid.assoc_handle=usflex&openid.mode=checkid_setup&openid.ns=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0,显示条评è®?https://www.giovanele,
    Ruth Ellen Sijan,https://www.giovanele,Easy to Use,2021å¹?æœ?æ—?在美国审æ ?尺寸: 9 Cup颜色: 银色,https://www.giovanele,https://www.giovanele,My husband and I both just retired and$12.00 a day for our favorite morning store bought coffee drinks was not in the budget. I started looking at expresso makers and after reading the reviews on moderate expresso makers I was very disappointed. I came across this expresso maker and the reviews were much better than the more expensive machines and it was so European and cute and the price was just amazing……this machine is the BEST little machine……I LOVE IT…it is easy to use and the taste is perfect for our Expresso drinks.If you have a gas stove you have to make sure the flame does not touch the handle because it is plastic. I have a electric stove so that is not a problem for me. Cleanup is easyRuth EllenTHIS 12 cup moka pot is exactly what we needed! This is the 2nd one we have purchased from giovanele user. The other was slightly cheaper but didnt work properly. This item percolates strong and completely empties out of the bottom water reservoir. Easy to rinse clean. Delivers 2 American sized cups of cuban coffee/espresso. Very happy with this product!!,Bigger pot. More to LOVE!,https://www.giovanele user.comproduct-reviewsB001J1L59Erefcm_cr_getr_d_vote_lftieUTF8filterByStarfive_starreviewerTypeavp_only_reviewspageSize10csrfTglF2DqgZkzxY0w6alUPgqey0HsX0MCDROKyvMd8AAAABAAAAAGG0bepyYXcAAAAA2B4kUEk2F7iMGR3xPcX6iUreviewIdRSH18ADEWWXKA&openid.identity=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0identifier_select&openid.claimed_id=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0identifier_select&openid.assoc_handle=usflex&openid.mode=checkid_setup&openid.ns=httpspecs.openid.netauth2.0,THIS 12 cup moka pot is exactly what we needed! This is the 2nd one we have purchased from giovanele user. The other was slightly cheaper but didnt work properly. This item percolates strong and completely empties out of the bottom water reservoir. Easy to rinse clean. Delivers 2 American sized cups of cuban coffee/espresso. Very happy with this product!!,https://www.giovanele,
    Mioshee Greer,https://www.giovanele,Makes a pretty strong cup,2018å¹?0æœ?9æ—?在美国审æ ?尺寸: 9 Cup颜色: 银色,https://www.giovanele,https://www.giovanele,Pretty good moka pot for the price. It’s not super complicated and makes an awesome cup of espresso. Although

  6. elder geek

    I’ve gotten to where I am a coffee snob and only like lattes from coffee shops. I even threw out my old school coffee maker and was just not making coffee at home .Then I came across this and decided to try it. It makes coffee as good as coffee shops. So now I can have my coffee at home and save a ton of money!

  7. Keith

    I am italian and expresso IS super important to my life. This maker works great for a homemade caffelatte (double expresso + heavy cream) for 2 ppl. The only downside is the tightening of it. To have it not leaking you need kinda strong arms e.g. when I thighten it my skinny wife cannot open it. But she uses it herself too. Works best with arabica coffee but coarser coffee comes out yummy too.

  8. T. T. Ramah

    Very happy with my purchase. After 8 years I dropped my other 12-cup and the handle broke. I lived with a broken handle for months, not willing to shell out the big money for another 12 cup from the other brand. VERY happy so far with this replacement.The only issue is that I find the inside cup that holds the grounds very difficult to pull out, the fit is tight. Hoping that with time and daily use this will resolve itself.

  9. Zachary V.

    Best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time! I’ve been in search for the best coffee maker so I’ve tried the French Press (also good), drip, and percolator, and this little espresso maker made the richest, smoothest, the most bodied and flavorful coffee – as good as if I bought it freshly made from a Peet’s coffee shop. I just wish I bought the 9 or 12 cup so I can have 2 cups of coffee.

  10. TrekSurfer

    The first thing is I received the item before the estimated delivery date and that’s always nice. The item was nicely packed and was super shiny which I was afraid would lose its shine after washing it and it hasn’t. Works just like it should and if you’re a big expresso drinker it’s great buy and not messy.

  11. Jeff

    I’ve never made espresso before, but greatly enjoy it from coffeeshops. This espresso maker is so easy to use! I can have a $6 specialty drink every day, multiple times a day if I want, from home! I just rinse it out when I’m done and it’s ready for the next use!

  12. Steven Baker

    I initially ordered another model because it looks sleek and contemporary can I thought it might work better than the old traditional model that I had had. It didn’tâ€?So I went back and bought the traditional espresso maker pot that I have always had and from now on I will always buy. No need to change a good thing.

  13. Hopeinformer

    Makes one standard cup at a time so I don’t waste coffee. Easy to make one cup right after another, so I can make coffee for another promptly. Can regulate the strength of the brew, and the flavor is superior to electric pots. I make a lot of coffee, and the pot doesn’t wear out or break. Easy to clean. Not affected by power outages if you have a gas stove.It is hard to know when the coffee is done, you have to get used to the timing. Don’t forget about it and leave it on the stove.

  14. W. Todd Filer

    I like the coffee from this pot so much I prefer it over my Gaggia espresso machine. I’ve never had a problem. As others have said, keep it on a low or medium heat, take it off when it starts to send steam through the spout and never grip the handle when screwing it together or apart.

  15. iCroissant

    Easy to use and clean. Just wish it was bigger but in it’s self, its great for home use. I love coffee and I personally love how easy it is to get perfect espresso. I don’t have a coffee bean grinder, so I just buy the grounded coffee but for best results its good to buy the roasted beans and have a grinder along with this expresso maker; takes a little longer, but its so worth it in the end for that amazing fresh coffee.

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