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We trying to find joy in the little things in life. And above all, that means starting my day with a good, strong cup of coffee from my newly discovered moka pot.

Batan Camping Coffee Combo is a portable extraction system, equipped with Moka pot, camping portable mini burner, travel portable coffee cup, manual coffee grinder, etc., allowing you to enjoy the best quality camping coffee.

Simple, reliable and ritual is my life

Although some of the people who might have once used a Moka Express to brew their morning coffee are eschewing it for newer innovations—such as the plastic-tube AeroPress, which can make a similarly concentrated cup of coffee with more clarity—Blue Bottle’s Jessie Washburn says it offers a ritualistic simplicity and nostalgia that are unmatched by other coffee makers.
Sandra Files

the unique coffee crema

A good cup of coffee starts with the COFFEE CREMA
When brewing coffee with a moka pot, it can bring you high-quality COFFEE CREMA

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We have been committed to producing outdoor coffee series for six years. Each product has undergone strict quality control to bring you a good user experience.

Unique and original

Its invention is a fine example of Art Deco, impeccable with its aluminum collectors and octagonal heating vessel and exclusive valves that are easy to service and easy to clean.

Coffee is the lifeblood of outdoor adventurers

A good cup of camp coffee, surrounded by pines and crisp mountain air, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.